Guest column by Sarah Hansford, buyer – fashion jewellery, QVC UK.

QVC is unlike any other retailer, both in the way it operates – a department store combining digital retailing, live TV reaching 27 million UK homes, and a buzzing social media hub to create the most engaging shopping experience – and in its culture, a culture that is completely different from anything I have experienced before.

At QVC we “work happy”, but what does that actually mean? The philosophy of work happy is all about helping us to maintain a healthy work/life balance, keeping us fulfilled in our roles and giving us the opportunity to learn and hone our skills.


How does this commitment to a work/life balance actually manifest itself? The company embraces flexible working which is particularly helpful for those who need to juggle work and family commitments. Many of my colleagues work from home on a regular basis, an opportunity which is truly valued.

Refreshingly there are a large number of women in senior leadership roles as QVC has helped them to maintain and grow their careers. One aspect of working here that I really value is the accessibility of the senior team to all of us and their willingness to give guidance and support without the judgement or hidden agenda that I, and I am sure many others, have experienced at other companies.

The entire company has a major focus on enabling innovation and creativity across the organisation and it has built a culture where ideas can flourish, and are then acknowledged and supported by the leaders across the business. We operate as one team and this is evident when collaborating on projects that require input from many different departments.

Openness and collaboration are an everyday occurrence and in particular I have noticed how everyone is willing to explain the mysteries and finer points of their role and take time to support new colleagues.

Having come from a traditional high street environment a year ago, the positive working culture at QVC is so refreshing and I am embracing every opportunity to work happy. There’s a reason QVC has been awarded Top Employer status for four years in a row!