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TH March offers a lifeline to jewellery retailers and their customers


Shopping habits changed fast during the coronavirus pandemic.

This took many traditional jewellers online at a pace unseen previously, writes Simon Dawe, sales director for jewellery industry insurance firm TH March.

Now you can take advantage by giving online customers the option to add theft, damage and loss insurance to their shopping basket.

You can earn commission, make additional sales from repair or replacement business and offer an enhanced service to your online customers.

March Guard is a simple jewellery and watch insurance policy that provides your customer with wide cover, few exclusions and competitive premiums, with four versions available: EPOS till version, ‘Add to Basket’, eMarch Guard and the paper-based version.

The scheme allows you to arrange instant cover (with minimal paperwork) on your customers’ purchases, so they leave your shop or online store protected and with peace of mind.

March Guard ‘Add to Basket’ jewellery insurance e-commerce solution offers numerous benefits to jewellers.

It can enhance your brand and e-commerce offering, meaning you in turn enhance your customers’ experience with added protection.

TH March sales director Simon Dawe

Jewellers have had to adapt in recent months to stay at the forefront of customers’ minds. Adding March Guard earns valuable commission plus repair and replacement business.

This product will require using our implementation partner for installation. A development cost will be calculated for you, dependent on existing web platforms and systems in use.

Features include: instant cover for one or three years; premium is discounted for the three-year option; claims settlement is arranged via the introducing jeweller; applies anywhere in the UK and up to 30 consecutive days abroad; simple certificate with minimal exclusions; no excess to pay; all items insured against loss, theft or accidental damage.

“March Guard ‘Add to Basket’ jewellery insurance e-commerce solution offers numerous benefits to online jewellers”

Exclusions include: customers must be resident in the UK; no cover for losses if items are in an unattended vehicle; no cover for items in unattended baggage, clothing or belongings unless carried or worn by the assured; no cover for items made of brittle material.

Meanwhile, benefits are: a 20% commission on all premiums paid; our guarantee that all repairs and replacements will be arranged via you; customers leave your shop or online store with their items safely covered; remember, customers will return to you for repairs or replacement of those items.

The maximum scheme limits are as follows: £5,000 for any one piece of jewellery; £1,500 for any one watch; £10,000 for any one household (certificate limit).

Contact the March Guard team on 01822 669000, visit www.thmarch.co.uk or email marchguard@thmarch.co.uk


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