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GUEST COLUMN: The brides are back in town


With restrictions on weddings now mercifully behind us, jewellers can finally expect to see the flurry of couples purchasing wedding rings that was promised by the mass of engagements during the first lockdown.

Given this news, what kinds of wedding jewellery will customers be looking for? Domino Jewellery creative director, Naomi Newton-Sherlock, shares her thoughts.

Since retail reopened back in April, we have seen record-breaking sales across both wedding bands and engagement rings, so we are pleased to see the demand for bridal jewellery is there as we continue the journey out of the pandemic.

Many couples who unfortunately had to delay their weddings will now be eager to purchase their all-important wedding bands ready for the big day.

While classic pieces are always popular across bridal jewellery as they remain timeless, the modern consumer seeks something unique to them, with personalisation remaining the key trend across the bridal jewellery market.

Whether that be customisation through engraving, texture, metal colour or stacking and layering, our offering provides retailers with options for all the above.

Our range of finishing touches allow consumers to personalise a classic plain wedding band to suit their personal style with over one hundred different patterns and textures available to choose from.

Our offering of shaped and decorative rings provides brides to be with endless opportunities to create their perfect unique stack.

Naomi Newton-Sherlock

Whether they are looking for delicate straight stackers or shaped silhouettes, our range provides an array of looks, incorporating design influences spanning art deco, floral and geometric.

With all our rings available in platinum, 18k or 9k gold, and many of our more decorative rings available in bicolour, our bridal offering provides retailers with the ultimate choice for their consumers.

Another key trend influencing the market is yellow gold. Whilst white metal has dominated the bridal market for the last two decades, with many people considering it the more contemporary option, we are seeing a resurgence in demand for yellow gold.

With celebrity influences such as Kendell Jenner (with her preference for statement yellow gold jewellery pieces) and Megan Markle’s infamous three-stone yellow gold engagement ring, Domino Jewellery is pleased to say that we are once again seeing the rise of yellow gold jewellery.

While white metal will always remain popular, offering a contemporary feel to bridal jewellery, those who are looking for a more timeless and vintage design are shopping for yellow gold pieces.

For many couples, there is a sentimental value to yellow gold wedding rings and engagement rings, as they are often associated with family jewellery worn by the older generations.


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