Words by Emma-Louise Gregory, sales director for the UK & Ireland, UNOde50

I believe that the most important trait for anyone within any industry, whether that person represents a brand, is in sales or the owner of a jewellery store, is to remain positive, especially during challenging times.

People remember experiences, so if you are positive towards others or create a positive sales environment for a consumer, the person you are dealing with will be left with an impression, an impression strong enough to share with others, which in turn will draw more people to you or into your store.


Positive experiences are known to increase customer loyalty and brand experiences, whether it be a product you are representing or you work in a store, it is a great way to showcase your thought leadership and connect with your audience. Memorable interactions between you and your customer will get people talking, drive deeper engagement, and inspire customers to act and buy.

Within my role, I encourage my team to put the power of positivity into action every day and we encourage retailers to host UNOde50 events, this in turn increases footfall, spreads the brand message, and leaves a lasting impression. Not only that but reputation is very important and for me, I want UNOde50 in the UK to be known as a very supportive, positive brand. I believe this is key to the brand’s success.

I want retailers and customers to feel fully supported and for every person I engage with I like to leave a lasting impression. I also try and put myself in other people’s shoes, for example, if I owned my own store, what support would I require from a brand? As a consumer, what would encourage me to buy from a store rather than the internet? Imagining yourself in different people’s shoes is the best way to make sure you are working to your highest capacity. The only competition you have is with yourself, don’t focus on what others are doing, focus on your business and brand and make it the greatest experience for your customer.

An inspiring quote that always sticks with me is this: ‘Your smile becomes your logo, your personality becomes your business card and how you choose to leave people feeling after an experience with you, becomes your trademark.’

If ever you step into one of our 140 UNOde50 retail stores around the world, you will never forget the brand because we are unique and we offer a unique buying experience. Our stores look fantastic and stand out, as does the brand. Creating a positive store environment that makes consumers feel special is so important this day and age because it is the one thing that can’t be replicated online.

How do you create excitement and get higher footfall into stores? You stock a good mix of brands, host events, create a buzz and get people talking. You offer someone a drink if they are buying something special, you get to know your regular clientele by name to make them feel special, and most importantly you remain positive with a huge smile on your face despite what’s going on around you.

Positivity breeds positivity and smiling is infectious. Creating a positive and nurturing working environment for your team also boosts sales because a happy team will naturally work harder.