Guest Column - CME Jewellery
Guest Column - CME Jewellery

Yellow is the new rose, pearls are in, sparkle is out, personalisation is waning, talismans are back… To what extent should trends that designers put out on the catwalk — as well as celeb wardrobes, street-stylers and influencers — lead us when buying or designing has long been an important question for us.

As wholesalers of demi-fine jewellery, we are often asked by customers whether they should concentrate on trend-led pieces or classic lines.

This has been in our mind as we consider what has influenced sales in 2022 and into 2023.


The market for more affordable, trend-led jewellery has blossomed in recent years and customers seek fresh designs to make their collections unique.

While keeping a weather eye on the catwalks and other influences, as they can be a barometer of what will appear in commercial jewellery, caution is needed as it takes time for the extravagance of the catwalk to translate to real people.

It is important to avoid spur-of-the-moment fads.

This is vital as we all build a more sustainable path through the unavoidable climate crisis.

However, fashionable jewellery doesn’t mean that pieces will have a short shelf life, as many styles go on to become timeless icons.

Many of our best-sellers began life as trends but are now well-established classics, such as bee motifs, elemental jewellery and ankle chains.

CME 2023 collections will feature a mix of trend-led pieces such as coloured stones, hoops and new pearls, as well as jewellery inspired by nature to celebrate sustainability.

Demi-fine jewellery made with precious metals is an affordable, durable purchase which holds intrinsic value for many people.

Imaginative design that gives a contemporary twist to classic themes never goes out of fashion, which we hope will continue to bring sales into 2023.

Words by Debbie Hunt, general manager, CME Jewellery

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