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Guest column by Think #Digital First author, Warren Knight

As we settle into 2016 it’s now time to take a long, hard look at your jewellery business, and prepare to revamp for the year ahead.

The way you market your business to your target customer has developed and I’m here to give you an update on how to generate leads, and sales, over the next 12 months.


There have been and will be some very important updates that will change the way you might approach your marketing strategy.

For example, Google will be indexing Twitter even more over the next few months meaning there will be a higher amount of tweets, hashtags and Twitter accounts indexed for Google Search. The partnership between Twitter and Google is going from strength to strength so make sure you are paying close attention to your social media strategy around Twitter.

In addition, in December of last year, Pinterest introduced promoted pins for everyone — not just selected users.

You can now increase engagement rate by at least 10% through the use of promoted pins.

As a business in the jewellery industry, you have a huge opportunity to capitalise on Pinterest as clothing, jewellery and accessories are extremely popular amongst Pinterest users.

Moving onto the strategy side of selling online in 2016, I have a very simple and effective lead generation strategy that has helped myself and my clients in a variety of industries (including jewellery) generate thousands of pounds in revenue.

  1. Understand your target customer

When it comes to generating leads that turn into sales for your jewellery business in 2016, you need to first understand your target customer and where they are most likely to spend their time, and money.

  1. Adding value online

To be able to generate a lead after understanding your target customer is to offer something of value, otherwise they won’t trust you as a business or as an influencer. This is done by sharing content from influencers in your industry and writing great content on your website that gets promoted through all of your social network’s using a ‘social media dashboard’.

  1. Capturing leads

Part of lead generation, is having a strategy that gives you the results you desire and actually capturing your lead is the most important part. Use technology that makes the lead-capturing as simple as possible. I use a landing page on my website and as soon as someone signs up, they are taken to a brand consistent page, linked to my autoresponder so that every person who signs up automatically enters my marketing funnel. Think about how you can do this for your jewellery business.

  1. Adding value through email marketing

Use your email marketing software to market your business. As I said above, I make sure all of my leads end up in a dedicated email list inside of an email marketing tool. This piece of software makes it very simple to send emails out, and track open/click rates. Don’t forget to add value in your email newsletter as this is what will keep your lead engaged.

  1. Analyse

Analysis is a huge part of the strategy for any business. Understanding why something is or isn’t working is crucial. You should also be analysing your marketing campaigns to make sure you are getting a great open rate and click through rate to achieve a ROI (Return On your Investment).

  1. Make the call

After analysing the specific individuals from the email marketing campaign and seeing who is most engaged with you as a brand, you can then pick up the phone to them with a clear purpose, knowing you now have a ‘warm’ lead instead of a ‘cold’ one. This ultimately converts the first meeting from a handshake into a ‘hug’ and starts the relationship on strong foundations.

Start 2016 the right way and get your business ready for online success.