GVUK, best-known as UK distributor for Gemvision CAD software, is holding its second annual technology open day at Goldsmith’s Centre in London on Wednesday, June 17.

The open day will also present solutions from GVUK’s other suppliers including EnvisionTEC 3D printing; Rofin lasers; PUK 4 welders; Indutherm casting equipment; and ES Technology direct metal laser sintering equipment.

“These solutions have become must-have tools for the goldsmith and jewellery designer,” says Graham Dicks, managing director for GVUK.


GVUK will have a team at Goldsmith’s Centre to demonstrate the technology and show how it can improve the entire design and prototyping process for jewellery designers.

“From CAD design, 3D printing, welding, lasering and laser engraving, this is for all jewellers and designers,” Dicks explains.

Click here to find out more and register for the technology roadshow.

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