Nell Kay jewellers targeted in unusual robbery.

Nell Kay jewellers in Wigan was raided last week by three men dressed in Halloween outfits, who fled the scene with “a large amount of jewellery”.

Video footage of the robbery shows the three men calmly enter the store with crowbars and a hammer. They smashed cabinets and opened the safe while staff members – one of whom is pregnant – were threatened, with two men ordered to get on the floor.


The robbery took place last Tuesday, October 23, at 10.20am. The store is situated on the Tyldesley Arcade in Wigan.

Local police are now appealing for witnesses, as the men appeared to be carrying charity collection buckets, which could have acted as a cover for their Halloween disguises.

The trio are believed to have got out of a dark coloured vehicle at the edge of the shopping centre and walked a short distance into the jewellers.

They fled the scene in the same car – a dark coloured VW Golf Model R DSG S-A that was bearing false registration plates, number WJ60FWL, which was driven by a fourth person.

This car was later found abandoned in the Whitley area of Wigan, but had been stolen during a robbery in Withington on 15 October 2012.

The three men are described as wearing dark trousers, gloves and white T-shirts, with long sleeved dark tops underneath. One of the men was wearing a clown mask with a red curly wig, the second man was wearing a Halloween style mask – which appears to be similar to the kind related to the film V for Vendetta – with a white dreadlock-type wig, and the third man was wearing what was believed to be a clown mask with a black curly wig.

Detective Inspector Martin Reddington from Wigan CID said: “These men have terrified staff and customers, including a pregnant woman, as they carried out this robbery dressed in horror style masks and armed with weapons.

“These men even had the audacity to carry charity collection buckets as they committed this crime and showed no concern as they hurriedly opened and rifled through drawers right next to the pregnant woman.”