Just six months after Victoria Houghton took over from 40-year veteran Stephen Paterson as chief executive at Hamilton & Inches, the company has welcomed a new managing director to the helm as well.

Jonathan Payne joins the firm from Laings, where he had been part of the senior management team since 2012, first with Laings of Edinburgh where he was the right hand many of owner Michael Laing, and then as managing director of the merged Laings group that was created after Laings The Jeweller, headquartered in Glasgow and owned by Stuart Laing, acquired the other half of the family business.

Along with chairman Peter Lederer, who ran ran luxury resort Gleneagles for over 30 years, the venerable Edinburgh jeweller now has a prodigious leadership team with a stated aim to double turnover to around £20 million from sales of fine watches and jewellery, crystal and silverware.


“Jonathan Payne is the perfect candidate to step into the role of managing director for Hamilton & Inches. His experience and reputation is outstanding and his understanding of Scotland as a retail destination will add credence to our global development strategy. He brings exceptional business management acumen, alongside true dedication and energy to support the team in delivering a fresh approach to the five-year growth strategy for Hamilton & Inches. Hamilton & Inches will also be placing significant investment in supporting the development of the existing team,” says Hamilton & Inches CEO, victoria Houghton.

She adds: “Jonathan will bring his luxury retail management expertise he gained from his previous roles to Hamilton & Inches. His many years of experience and knowledge of the jewellery and fine watches market will be welcomed by the Board,” comments Victoria Houghton, CEO of Hamilton & Inches.”

Hamilton & Inches is preparing for the future with plans to update its historic showroom and utalise social media to attract the next generation of jewellery shoppers.

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