Hamilton & Inches raider jailed for eight years

The getaway driver for a gang of armed robbers who attacked Hamilton & Inches in Edinburgh last year has been jailed for eight years.

The jury at the six-day trial was shown shocking footage of terrified Hamilton & Inches staff watching the gang use axes, a sledgehammer and machetes as they smashed their way into cabinets and stole jewellery and watches worth £1.3 million.

Local newspapers have exposed Michael Hood as a well-know member of Edinburgh’s criminal underworld.

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The Daily Record revealed today that Hood was seen in 2012 at the top table of a wedding for drug kingpin Terry Scott. He is also described as best pals with gangland hitman Marc Webley, who was jailed for 11 years for shooting a man in the back in a motorbike ambush.

Hood is the only member of the gang to have been arrested and convicted. The other three men who entered the shop have not been identified.

“Your role was that of the getaway driver although as part of the gang, you bear equal responsibility in law,” said judge Lord Glennie as he sentenced Hood.

The trial revealed details of the highly professional robbery, which was over within just 90 seconds of the gang entering the shop.

They arrived in a white BMW, driven by Hood, and drove away at high speed with the jewellery and watch haul. The car was dumped minutes later in a nearby street where a second vehicle was waiting.

The second car, a Honda, provided crucial DNA evidence that was used to convict Hood.