British jeweller Hancocks claims to have created the world’s largest cushion cut diamond crossover ring.

Using two striking 20 carat gemstones, the diamond crossover ring is worth £1.6 million and is so rare that it will have its own security guard when it goes on sale this week.

As a result, the jewellers, which is based in London’s Burlington Arcade in Mayfair. is expecting massive international interest.


The ring has been designed as the ultimate statement ring. The two 20 carats diamonds, which make up the central stones, are a matching pair of cushion cut diamonds. Altogether the rings diamond weight totals 41.78cts.

“The diamonds are extremely rare given they are a perfect match, having been cut from the same piece of rough diamond, and are truly exceptional,” explains Stephen Burton, managing director of Hancocks. “  In my 40 plus years of working in the jewellery business I have never seen a pair that are as large and well matched as these, having originated from the same rough diamond source which is incredibly rare.  They are perfect in terms of their cut and sit alongside each other beautifully.”

The ring has been designed by Amy Burton, 34, as part of her ‘Unum’ range. Burton a jewellery designer at Hancocks and will be launching her contemporary fine jewellery range under ALB, exclusive to the store.

Burton says:  “I’ve been working in partnership with our expert craftsmen for over a year to create the ultimate statement ring which really is breathtaking.  One thing is for sure, walking into a room with this truly magnificent and one-of-a-kind 41.78 carats diamond ring on will definitely turn heads by whoever is lucky enough to wear it.”