Designer’s collaborative project opens today at Dover Street Market.

Today sees the unveiling of a year-in-the-making collaborative project between designers Hannah Martin, Moritz Waldemayer, Holition and go-to designer retailer Dover Street Market.

Described as "four of the most exciting and cutting-edge designers from a unique blend of backgrounds", the project will encompass art, fashion, design and futuristic technology and will be unveiled this evening at Dover Street Market in London’s Mayfair.


The new project reveals a jewellery collection designed by Martin in tribute to the man who could seemingly travel time and never aged, The Comte de St Germain, who was described by French writer Voltaire as: "The Man Who Knows Everything and Never Dies", the title for Martin’s new project. 

For the next fortnight, Dover Street Market will be the setting for Martin’s new 18ct red gold Comte’s Pyramid Ring. It will displayed atop a fifteen-foot obelesque, which will act as a mount while accentuation the ring’s geometry and bold shape.

The ring will be surrounded by red laser beams, which visitors are welcomed to break as in order to view the ring; in doing so the breaking of the laser will release soundbites and compositions taken from the Comte’s mysterious 400 years of life.

The mix of sound, light, shape and colour will be enhanced by a 3D application from Holition, who are described as leaders in creative ‘augmented reality’.

To coincide with the opening at Dover Street Market visitors can also ‘try out’ the experience for themselves online at where the visitor is able to see for themselves the elements of the physical real-world environment being augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery creating the illusion of travel and time.

Jewellery designer Hannah Martin is known for her sculptural, iconic take on high-end jewellery and has recently collaborated with musician Pete Doherty on a line called Albion Trinketry.