Thomas Sabo’s new managing director for the UK & Ireland, Tony Björk, says hard work is one of the keys to success.

When asked the greatest pieces of business advice he has ever received, the new UK boss shared: “I would say it is work hard. I don’t believe you can really achieve things being lazy or too smart, I think you need to work hard, especially now, you need to work harder for your pound today than ever before.”

He continued: “I think hard work is underestimated. Hard work is one of the keys to success and it is related to where you want to be.”


With this, Björk told Professional Jeweller he will be working on making sure the basics are being done correctly in the UK, and trying to be a little bit better than competitors at the fundamental aspects of selling branded jewellery.

When asked how he would describe his management style, he answered: “My management style is a lot about people. I am very people centric because I believe that people can perform. I empower people. I also don’t believe that the individual is smarter than the team. So I try to involve as many people as possible in the decision making, letting everyone speak, in order to find the best solution.”

Björk also believes in transparency and sharing information with his teams.