Harry Levy not hopeful for Hatton Garden victims


The president of the London Diamond Bourse, Harry Levy, met with victims of the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Ltd raid yesterday (May 7) to discuss possible methods of compensation, admitting he was “pessimistic” about recovering losses in the long term.

Speaking during a press conference, Levy commented: “I was very pessimistic when I spoke to the people who have lost everything. I said that the possibilities of recovering money are very limited in this case.”

He continued: “I said that they would have problems getting a fund going to recover money because we are regarded as unworthy individuals – it’s not like a natural disaster where they’ve lost the roof over their heads and they haven’t got any money to buy food.

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“But, eventually some of them will find they have lost the roof over their heads because they won’t be able to meet their mortgages, they can’t trade any longer.”

Levy has now advised some of the 25 victims who took part in discussion at the London Diamond Bourse yesterday (May 7) to form a committee and consider employing a lawyer and loss assessor.

Levy also stressed that the value of items stolen over the long Easter weekend is still unknown.

The Metropolitan Police have been criticised for not responding to an alarm that went off in the building during the robbery, but Levy argues suing the force is “not our intention”.

He added: “We have been working with the police after this robbery. We’ve had meetings with them and they have been very co-operative with us.”

The Met Police are currently offering a £20,000 reward for anyone with information relating to the suspects in the case.

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