Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe breaks down in tears when he uncovers his family’s tragic Hatton Garden history on hit BBC One show, Who Do You Think You Are?.

In an episode set to be aired tonight (Monday, July 22), Radcliffe learns that his great-grandfather took his own life after falling victim to a Hatton Garden heist.

In 1936, his great-grandfather Samuel Gershon, who ran a family jewellery business in London’s Hatton Garden, was deeply affected by a robbery of goods amounting to approximately £3,000.


The robbery, which left Gerhson unable to provide for his family, was investigated by the police at the time but, because there was no sign of breaking and entering, no crime was ever recorded and Radcliffe’s great-grandfather was accused of staging it for insurance purposes.

Fearing that the insurance company wouldn’t pay out and that he would be left bankrupt, the Jewish businessman took his own life.

The Daniel Radcliffe episode will air tonight, Monday July 22.

On tonight’s show, Radcliffe breaks down in tears when he reads his great-grandfather’s suicide note for the first time.

He says the words reminded him of his own mental health issues.

Later on in the episode, the Harry Potter star discovers that despite no proof of the robbery, the insurance company did eventually pay out on the claim but only after his great-grandfather’s death.

The actor is shocked to learn that there was strong evidence the British police detectives were anti-semitic and appeared not to want to investigate the crime properly.

Photo credit: BBC One Show