"Martian pink" gem sold at Christie’s Hong Kong auction.

Harry Winston has purchased the largest round fancy intense pink diamond ever to be sold at auction for $17.4 million (£11m) in a breathtaking sale at Christie’s in Hong Kong on Tuesday.

The stone was part of the auction house’s Magnificent Jewels sale, and is dubbed the Martian Pink. It was sold by a private collector and returns to the hands of Harry Winston from whom it was purchased in 1976.


Ronald Winston is said to have called it the Martian Pink as 1976 was the same year that the United States launched its first satellite on a mission to Mars.

The stone sold for approximately $1.5 million (£967,000) per carat, beating its top estimate of $12.3 million.

The Hong Kong auction bought in $80.2 million (£51.7m) with 79% sold by lot and 82% sold by value.