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Harry Winston nods to positive future with symbolic new line


The House of Harry Winston introduces Winston Gates – a contemporary collection of personal jewels designed to empower consumers with a positive message of a prosperous future. 

For centuries, rosettes have been a prevalent ornamental motif in many cultures, representing a multitude of meanings and attributes. When conceptualising plans to open his New York Salon on Fifth Avenue, Harry Winston wanted to incorporate this meaningful motif into the interior design, as a symbol of optimism, opportunity, prospect and good fortune, as he opened the doors of his namesake flagship for the very first time.

Poised at the corner of West 56th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the stately neo-Classical travertine townhouse was designed in the style of the late eighteenth century, complete with a great gilded iron gate, accented with gold rosettes and enhanced by scrolling leaves and sculpted urns – an extravagant entrance offering a hint to the opulent jewels inside.

Beyond the rosette serving as the entryway hallmark to his elegant salon, doorways and gates were also an important metaphor in Harry Winston’s rich origins story.

As the ‘King of Diamonds’, it was Winston who used his impressive collection of important diamonds, as a way to educate the general public and in that respect, he shared his good fortune by opening his gates and inviting the world in to experience rare, incredible jewels first-hand. Prior to this, valuable

jewels were kept in vaults and only accessible to a limited few, but Winston believed that objects of such beauty should be shared and staged public exhibitions around the world to showcase his latest and greatest acquisitions with audiences far and wide.

With unrivaled access on an international level, Harry Winston, Inc. served as a gateway to the finest gems and 718 Fifth Avenue was much more than just a salon, it was a portal to an unmatched array of elegant jewels and dazzling diamonds from all corners of the globe.

Today, the rosette adorns the front gates of all Harry Winston salons and continues to represent the same sense of optimism first instilled by its founder. Through the introduction of the Winston Gates Collection, the House is pleased to share the symbolic floral motif with the next generation of fine jewellery collectors and to bestow its positive message for a prosperous future to its wearer.

Comprised of a medallion pendant, earrings, bracelet and ring, the collection features a perfectly sculpted 10-petaled rosette rendered in platinum, 18ctyellow or rose gold and set with a round brilliant diamond center stone. Framed by a circular array of pave diamonds, each stone is meticulously hand-selected and follows the superlative quality and craftsmanship that has been synonymous with the House for nearly a century.

Embodying the endless possibilities of what the future may hold, the Winston Gates collection has arrived this month.

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