Luxury retailer Harvey Nichols has unveiled a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign to celebrate the stores rare jewellery collections housed within the Fine Jewellery Destination at the flagship store.

Featuring a Northen Bald Ibis, considered critically endangered, the campaign playfully celebrates a uniquely beautiful bird wearing an equally rare and striking tanzanite necklace.

This incredibly rare piece of jewellery from British brand Ortaea, is exclusively available at Harvey Nichols and features a 35.72 carat Tanzanite stone encrusted in 2.94 carats of diamond delicately hung on an 11.93 carat diamond necklace.


“At Harvey Nichols, we pride ourselves on daring to be different and I always encourage my team to encompass this in their work,” shares group marketing and creative director at Harvey Nichols, Shadi Halliwell. “This campaign, like many others from Harvey Nichols, pushes the boundaries and breaks away from the traditional compositions for fine jewellery campaigns, which we know resonates with our customers.”

Following the redevelopment of the Ground Floor at the Knightsbridge flagship store, Harvey Nichols has relaunched its Fine Jewellery department with a new modern and luxurious feel.

The Fine Jewellery department houses a diverse selection of brands, many of which offer a range of rare pieces; from the stones within the items, to the setting.

The department store says rare jewellery pieces are having something of a resurgence as consumer research suggests that around a third of consumers like to buy unique designs.

“We are really proud of our new jewellery department on the Ground Floor at Harvey Nichols and have seen a wealth of new customers come into the flagship store to shop the brands in it, since it’s opening in November,” says the store’s group commercial director, Daniela Rinaldi. “Through the ‘Dead Rare’ campaign, we want to emphasise the fantastic brands within the new space and the truly special pieces each brand offers.”