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Has gold been usurped from number one spot as consumers reveal most popular jewellery metals?


Angelic Diamonds has used Google search data from between April 2020 and March of this year to determine which precious metals consumers favour in their jewellery.

The data also shows which kinds of jewellery – bracelets or necklaces, rings or chains – consumers in the UK are searching for along with metals.

Unsurprisingly, it was a two-horse race between the two traditional frontrunners, gold and silver, with the former taking first prize this year.

The search term ‘gold chains’ came out on top with an average monthly search count of over 60,000 in the UK.

Another popular term was ‘gold chains for men’. Paired with the term ‘gold chains’ in first place, this shows the ongoing trend sparked by the BBC’s Normal People. 

Elsewhere, ‘gold earrings’, ‘gold necklaces’, ‘gold rings’ and ‘gold hoop earrings’ all came in with around 40,000 searches per month.

This put them on a par with the most popular silver jewellery search terms: ‘silver chains’ and ‘silver chains for men’.

At the rear of the pack trailed ‘silver earrings’ and ‘silver necklaces’ with 33,000 searches per month apiece.

Therefore, while searches for men’s jewellery showed a roughly equal split between gold and silver chains, the more expensive of the metals came into its own with searches for other jewellery and put silver in second place this year.


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