Hatton Garden businesses react to raid losses

The intense media attention surrounding the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Ltd robbery on Easter weekend has turned to the victims of the crime, with a loss adjuster telling the BBC the case has ‘ruined lives’.

Echoing the sentiments of the London Diamond Bourse, Rick Marchant of Marchant and Marchant Ltd said he was dealing with seven clients who had lost items with an estimated value of £2 million.

Victims are due to meet later today to consider ways of getting compensation.

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Marchant told the BBC: “We are dealing here with mainly small businesses and they are not making huge profits.

“These aren’t extremely wealthy people, for a lot of them their livelihoods have gone.

“All of us might be forgiven for thinking ‘How audacious, how clever’ – but what [the gang has] done is ruin the lives of many people within the Hatton Garden jewellery quarter.”

In total, 72 safe deposit boxes were opened and the contents of 56 boxes were taken in the raid. The Met Police have offered a reward of £20,000 for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the individuals involved.

At the time, Victoria McKay, chief operating officer of the London Diamond Bourse commented: “There is a common misconception that all those in the trade are exceptionally wealthy and will be able to absorb losses. This is simply not the case as there are many people in the trade who earn an everyday living in a industry already squeezed by tough market conditions. Time will only tell what the ongoing effects will be. Once the position is clearer, we may choose to release commentary.”