One of the culprits of the infamous 2015 Hatton Garden heist has had seven years added to his prison sentence following a failure to pay his confiscation order.

78 year-old John Collin was one of six men who carried out the heist four years ago and emerged with almost £14 million worth of loot.

Collins and his fellow criminals were originally sentenced in March 2016, with the 78 year old handed an initial seven year jail term and ordered to hand over £7.6 million, including his Islington home and a separate property in Spain.


After failing to meet these demands, Collins was sentenced to seven years extra jail time at Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday.

Speaking about the judgement District Judge Richard Blake comments: “I recognise that Mr Collins is in his 70s. It was entirely his decision to commit that crime at a time in his life when most people hope to enjoy a quiet retirement.

“He chose not to have a quiet retirement but participated with others in a serious criminal enterprise to make substantial gain.

“The consequences of his crime were to cause very significant loss, amounting to many millions of pounds worth of property to the victims.”