A new report from specialist insurance provider Assetsure suggests fears of a repeat safety deposit box raid like the one on Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Ltd in April has resulted in a raft of enquiries.

Assetsure has reported a doubling in the number of customers seeking insurance for items stored in safety deposit boxes. 
Marketing manager, Bob Andrews, comments: “A number of people who stored their jewellery and valuables in banks or secure facilities didn’t think it was possible for them to be stolen — this has now all changed.”

He added: “Not all such facilities insure the goods they store – as in the case of the Hatton Gardens Safe Deposit raid. This has highlighted the fact that no security precaution is ever completely watertight and that, unless your items are fully insured, their value is not protected.”


Speaking at a press conference, the president of the London Diamond Bourse, Harry Levy explained that the possibilities of retrieving compensation for the small businesses whose items were uninsured are “very limited”.

Assetsure offers flexible and comprehensive Safe Deposit Box Insurance, which can be extended to protect items whilst temporarily removed from storage.

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