ITV documentary Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers will follow designer-makers, traders and experts in London's Hatton Garden.

Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers to go behind-the-scenes of trade.

Hatton Garden is the subject of a brand new ITV documentary taking a behind-the-scenes look at London’s epicentre for jewellery making and precious metal trading.

The documentary titled Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers will follow the distinctive characters who inhabit Hatton Garden; from “wheelers and dealers and talented jewellery makers”, according to an official press release.


The programme will showcase customers too, including millionaire clients looking for bespoke pieces and engagement ring seekers.

An ITV show description explains: “Among the characters featured in the programme are a gold trader who conducts the sale of a diamond ring in the back of a taxi, a bespoke jewellery maker who is seen working on an intricate diamond-studded bird, and a precious metal reclamation expert who gives a vivid insight into her often mucky job.”

Bespoke jewellery maker Michael Lynton is also followed throughout the programme, and takes the camera to his tiny windowless basement workshop in Hatton Garden.

Lynton says: “These tools are like my children, I just know them. I’ve been working with these things for so many years. You’ve got to love what you do and I’ve always stuck to the maxim, if you don’t like what you do then you’re not really going to be very good at it. I mean even after 50 years I’m only as good as the last job that I’ve ever done.”

Precious metal reclamation expert Leigh Stutman, who works for her uncle’s company Presman Mastermelt, will also be followed throughout the TV show – uncovering the industry from a female perspective

Diamond Geezers will also discover the relationship between Hatton Garden punter Chris Eracleous, a security guard, and designer maker Karl Karter.

Eracleous says: “The ring for me I think it needs to symbolise what you feel, that kind of explains to the woman how you feel. The first thing normally that I think woman look at is how much was it and then they talk about that with their friends and say ‘ah right’ he doesn’t love you that much, it only cost this much and it shouldn’t really matter about that, deep down inside it doesn’t but girls will be girls and men will be men!”

Diamond Geezers and Gold Dealers will air on Thursday July 24 at 9pm.