Last month fashion jewellery brand Tollbeads opened the doors to a pop-up store in London, which has proven a real asset to the business.

Here, Professional Jeweller catches up with Trollbeads UK managing director, Pam Aujla, to find out about the success of the pop-up retail outlet, and future plans.

How has business been at Trollbeads over the last 12 months?


It is fair to say that the last 12 months have been challenging for us however, our online business continues to grow. Opening a London pop up store this September has brought brand new and exciting challenges to the business.

Why did you decide to do a pop up store for Trollbeads?

It has always been our intention to open a flagship store in London and when the Upper St location become available it felt like the right place at the right time. We have also been grappling with the challenge of how our brand needs to be sold in a retail environment for a while now and whilst we can issue guidelines, training and visual merchandising materials, there is nothing better than having first-hand experience of the challenges and also the vast opportunities that are possible within the retail environment. We already feel the first hand-experience has been immeasurable and will be hugely beneficial to us and our retail partners in the coming year.

Will you be looking for permanent retail spaces or to expand the pop up offer?

We will be reviewing our retail strategy after the results of our pop up store, which for now has been very positively received and we hopefully will open a permanent location. Having a bricks and mortar retail presence in London has been an invaluable experience for us and we feel it is important for us to have a physical space to offer our customers the full Trollbeads product range.

What’s been Trollbeads biggest challenges over the 12 months, and how have you been trying to overcome these?

The biggest challenge by far for the brand is awareness levels and as such attracting new consumers, which is why we have re-launched our successful ‘Hello’ campaign. ‘Hello’ is an edited collection of 10 ready to wear pieces, designed to attract new consumers to the brand at attractive price points. Selling the collection as a RTW product rather than all elements individually makes the collection the perfect entry point to Trollbeads and the reaction so far as been amazing!

What’s your main focus for the brand now?

We are continuing our focus on increasing brand awareness and recognition levels within UK and Irish markets. As well as continuing to attract and expand our customer base within these markets. Bricks and Mortar also remains a focus and hopefully we will be opening a permanent London location when our current pop up ends in January.

Do you have any plans to help bolster business during the lucrative Christmas trading period?

Our ‘Hello’ collection is perfect for Christmas, as mentioned it is our RTW offering which makes it a great and affordable gift option for people new to the brand. We also have several other new launches; our fantastic Winter collection launching on November 2 and a stunning limited edition Black Friday bead. We will also be offering beautiful gift with purchases, which will help keep ATV’s up whilst giving the end consumer an amazing keepsake from the brand.