Belgian diamond technology company HB Antwerp is looking to recruit female engineering students in Botswana as part of a new partnership with WomHub.

The training programme is intended to cultivate sector-specific skills and attract local talent the company’s diamond operations facility in Botswana, with the possibility of full-time jobs being offered at the scheme’s end.

As well as offering employment to STEM students, HB Antwerp hopes that the programme will also support the local economy by giving skills to young women.


“HB Antwerp is delighted to launch this exciting program with WomHub, especially since it has such tangible outcomes. We recognise that African youth don’t just need another training program — they need real job opportunities, and we are proud that job creation and gender parity are key areas of focus for this programme,” said Oded Mansori, CEO of HB Antwerp.

The program will be accepting applications until 2 August 2021 and will commence in September.

Those chosen for permanent positions at the diamond operations facility will be onboarded at the start of 2022.

Meanwhile, Hema Vallabh, CEO of WomHub, added: “WomHub believes we must foster African entrepreneurship and innovation in order to cultivate the workforce for the future. This includes supporting more women in STEM. We are excited to partner with HB Antwerp to bring this mission to the diamond industry.”