The Hot Diamonds Group has revealed a strong performance from all three of its brands throughout December.

Anaïs Paris was “possibly the most pleasing brand”, despite it being the brand’s first Christmas. It was sold in circa 100 doors and many retailers cited their Anaïs Paris Christmas sell-through as ‘Excellent’ on feedback forms (the top grade).

The firm ran a consumer promotion on Hot Diamonds which was exclusive to its independents channel and subsidised by HD Group. CMJ members separately cited Hot Diamonds as a top four jewellery brand for them this Christmas.


All post-Christmas sell-through reports the group has received from retailers so far on Emozioni state the sell-through this Christmas was at least ‘Good’ with many grading their sell-through as ‘Excellent’, the firm said.

The announcement comes as HD Group reported 34% year-on-year growth in December, driven by its strongest brands.

Adryan Cresswell, head of commerce explained: “At HD Group, we were confident we had great propositions across all three of our brands moving into the crucial Christmas selling season. However, we could not be confident that the impact of Brexit would not be negative in terms of consumer confidence. Like everyone else, we just didn’t know.”

Dee Brightwell from Hadleigh Jewellers (CMJ Member) commented:  “We are absolutely delighted with the quality and more importantly the immediate sell-through of Anaïs Paris in our store. Definitely a winning punt for us!”

Meanwhile, Nikki McKerron (Littles the Jewellers) reported that its Emozioni sales this Christmas were “just amazing” and that the brand continues to show “year-on-year growth since we introduced it in 2014.”

The company aims to nurture its three strong brands to cover the three primary segments of silver jewellery: classic, fashion and sentiment.