William Cheshire on why the pub is the perfect place to design jewels.

Some look to architecture for inspiration, some to love or nature or the oceans. William Cheshire goes to the pub.

While William Cheshire creates unisex collections he is best known for his men’s jewellery lines, developing his collections over the years from those inspired by V8 car engines and Mustangs, to the ornate beauty of, surprisingly, the interiors of old Victorian pubs.


As Cheshire explains: “I’ve been playing around with the idea of Victorian pub mouldings. I love the carvings and ornate features found around old time bars. Liverpool is a haven for them I hear, so I might have to go there and visit pubs but for now East London will suffice.”

But, he assures us, it is not the male domain and bravado that he will tapping into, strictly the detailed, old interiors of the pubs. “I’m wanting to bring a more intricate style to the work. I think chaps can handle it [in their jewellery] now.”



This article was taken from the August 2012 issue of Professional Jeweller magazine. To see a digital version of the issue click here.