British jewellery brand Henryka is tapping into the nation’s obsession with sausage dogs with a range by introduces four Dachshund pendants and necklaces.

The sterling silver pieces recreate the iconic sausage dog with cognac amber adornment. One piece feature amber ears, another has amber eyes and one has the gemstone for its body. Consumers can also opt for a solely sterling silver sausage dog pendant.

Henryka sales manager, Hollie Francis, comments: “Henryka is well-loved for its nature-inspired pieces, especially our birds, bees and other insects. But in recent months we have noticed lots of interest in our more unusual animal pieces, including the Dachshund necklaces, elephant designs and, of course, our hugely successful Stag Collection. As we continue to diversify our sterling silver collections, we look forward to seeing what resonates with our portfolio of retail partners next.”


Other popular animal-inspired designs include the Amber and Silver Tiny Honey Bee necklace and the Silver Indian Elephant necklace set with amethyst, agate or pink quartz.

Henryka’s success with animal-inspired pieces started with the introduction of its now iconic Kingfisher pendant, set with natural milky and cognac amber with reconstituted turquoise encased in silver. Today, the brand’s Birds Collection features owls, woodpeckers, puffins, blue tits, robins, hummingbirds, pheasants and more abstract feathers hand-painted with enamel.

Prices across all four Dachshund designs range from £40 to £120.