British jewellery brand Henryka has introduced a brand new collection which taps into the ever-popular personalisation trend by using meaningful natural stones.

Named after the concept itself, the Natural Stones collection gives customers the opportunity to select a meaningful gemstone for a unique sterling silver pendant.

Following on from the launch of the Henryka Striped Flint collection, the new range allows customers to choose one of eight gemstones based on their physical and spiritual properties. Once selected by the customer, the Henryka design team chose the ideal gemstone to be hand-set in sterling silver. This bespoke process ensures each customer receives a one-of-a-kind necklace.


The eight gemstones available are howlite, amethyst, aventurine, jasper, moss agate, striped flint, sodalite and onyx. Each gemstone is described by its hardness on the Mohs scale, its Chakra and Zodiac signs, and its mystical properties.

Customers visiting the Henryka own-brand boutique in Hereford will also have the option of choosing their own gemstone personally.

Henryka founder and director, Anna Emmett, shares: “Our Striped Flint range highlighted that our customers are adventurous and intrigued by more unusual gem materials. This was the encouragement we needed to forge ahead with our Natural Stones concept collection. Customers can choose a stone based on their personality, preferences and even Zodiac sign, before allowing us to hand-select and hand-set the stone in sterling silver.”

“As customers continue to seek out personalised designs, this is a way for Henryka to tap into the market while maintaining our brand DNA and values,” Emmett adds.

Henryka has long been known for its use of natural gemstones, especially Baltic amber, agate, rose quartz and turquoise.

Prices for the Natural Stones pendants range from £85 to £230 depending upon the customers’ choice.