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HIGHLY COMMENDED: Charms and Beads PJ COTY 2015, Nikki Lissoni for Sense of Glamour

HIGHLY COMMENDED: Nikki Lissoni for Sense of Glamour

The Sense of Glamour collection has been a huge success for Nikki Lissoni, with the brand crediting it with significantly boosting Nikki Lissoni’s sales in the UK. Sense of Glamour sells four times as much as its other coin designs and accounts for 40% of the brand’s overall coin sales globally.

The range features Swarovski Elements and capitalises on the rose gold trend that has been going strong over the past 12 months. Every piece has been plated in silver or gold with a ceramic nano-coating added to ensure it can be worn every day without tarnishing.

With a strong brand image and major advertising plans in place for 2016, Nikki Lissoni is poised to become a sought-after affordable jewellery brand in the UK, with retail prices that start from £25 for charms and £45 for bracelets.


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