HIGHLY COMMENDED: Anakao for Devoted

New jewellery brand Anakao, which launched earlier this year, takes its name from a small fishing village in Madagascar, which founder Vinay Soudakar describes as “virtually untouched by modernity”.

This stretch of white beach and turquoise ocean with its breath-taking sunsets was not just a Instagram-ready moment from an adventurous travelling holiday for Soudakar; Madagascar is his home.

After watching his grandfather make jewels and deciding to follow in the family business, Soudakar travelled first to Belgium to study diamond grading and then Florence to study jewellery design and craft.


One of the first fruits of his labour is the Devoted collection; a series of rings, earrings and pendants with sparkling ellipses that encircle a moving central orb.

The jewels have been crafted in white, yellow and rose 18ct gold. The earrings make a particularly dramatic statement, with the ellipses gently spinning, powered by the movement of the head.a