A selection of pieces from Flora Bhattachary’s Baoli collection.

The geometric lines of the Baoli jewellery collection by Flora Bhattachary create a strongly modern aesthetic, yet the inspiration behind the designs is ancient.

Bhattachary was inspired by the linear architecture of historic Indian water temples, known as baolis, which were often decorated with elaborate carvings. Bhattachary has brought this theme to jewellery with a collection of angular cocktail rings, pendants and earrings in rich 18ct yellow gold that has been treated to a satin finish.

The designs have been expertly studded with sapphires, black diamonds and rubies to add yet more colour.


“I was inspired by drama of these geometric structures,” says Bhattachary. “They are spectacular – sculptural and Escher-like in their mathematical designs. The wells are imbued with incredibly evocative stories of romance, from beautiful widowed queens to unrequited passion. As temples, they were places of ritual where water acted as a boundary between heaven and earth.”