HIGHLY COMMENDED: Goldneilson for Coalescene

While we’re all familiar with the City-worker -turned-jewellery-designer story, it is not often that you hear about a photographer switching from shooting jewellery to creating it, but that is exactly what Neilson Photography founder Andrew Neilson has done this year with the launch of his own brand Goldneilson.

The Coalescence collection is almost impossibly intricate, with each grain of rose gold, yellow gold and white gold in the collection’s hero cocktail ring created individually, many set with tiny diamonds – more than 100 in total. These individual components are then laser welded by hand, a process that takes two days.

While the design of the ring could have been achieved by casting or even 3D printing, Neilson, who did the welding himself, says he chose the hard way to ensure that each ring is utterly unique and unrepeatable.