HIGHLY COMMENDED: Clogau - Compose.

This engagement ring collection from Clogau Gold does exactly what the name promises. It allows brides-to-be to select from a variety of options to compose their own engagement ring tailored exactly to their taste and budget.

Retailers are given an app to use on iPads that will ask couples to pick certain features, such as types of metal and styles – there are currently six to choose from – as well as a cut and size of diamond. After these choices have been made, an image of the desired ring will appear, which can then be ordered directly from the brand.

The Compose collection officially launched in February this year and since then the Welsh jewellery brand says that it has been “a fantastic success, with UK retailers reporting successful sales from the concept”.


The Compose collection is a fantastic example of how to offer customers all the benefits of shopping online, without forfeiting the experience of buying in store.