HIGHLY COMMENDED: Anna Loucah for Stellar

Anna Loucah has long been a champion of ethically created jewellery, a predisposition that dates back to the very beginning of her self-titled brand.

This fierce dedication to creating stylish jewellery that empowers rather than imprisons those working at the very bottom of the supply chain has won her numerous awards and led to her jewellery designs being worn on the red carpet by famous stars.

This year Loucah has created a new collection called Stellar, made with Fairtrade gold and fully traceable diamonds, inspired by a photograph she took of a sand dune at dusk in the Sahara.


“I wanted the collection to be contemporary in feel but to make reference to the traditional art from this area, and also to the constellations I imagined desert nomads using to navigate their passage across the sands,” she says. “I looked at the outlining forms used in the silver jewellery of this region and chose geometric diamonds to hint at the mapping of celestial bodies.”