iKuria - Laika. This collection highlights iKuria’s unconventional design approach to traditional materials and goldsmith technique.

The celestial Laika jewellery collection from iKuria takes its inspiration not from the orbiting of the planets, but of a Russian street dog.

Laika was the name of a stray dog found on the streets of Moscow that would make history by becoming the first animal to circle the earth aboard the Sputnik 2 craft that was jettisoned into space in 1957. Sadly, Laika was given a one-way ticket on this historic ride and is still eternally orbiting the world she left nearly 60 years ago.

iKuria designer Ikuko Kurahone pays homage to Laika by representing her continued voyage with a single tsavorite or orange or yellow sapphire dotted on the 18ct yellow gold bands wrapping the white freshwater or grey akoya pearls trapped within. These galactic caged pearls have been fitted to a range of long drop earrings, lariat necklaces and rings.


The Laika ring shown here is especially playful, as the pearl rolls around the hand when worn.