Holition creates 3D programme for Boucheron


Application allows users to try on virtual jewels over the internet.

Holition has created a web programme for luxury jeweller Bucheron that allows its customers to try on its jewels and watches virtually and share the images through social networking sites.

The augmented reality programme combines live video with computer-generated data and visualisations to create a 3D experience that users can try out in their own homes. The virtual jewels are brought to life using the most advanced and photo-realistic computer modelling and Holition’s unique real-time light-reflecting technology. This enables the consumer to experience the different facets and design at the twist of their wrist without compromising on the true distinctive beauty and intricacy of the collection.

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Users will be able to try on more than 20 different pieces of jewellery and watches using the application, including iconic Bucheron designs such as its Chameleon and Quatre rings set with sapphires and diamonds.

Holition chief executive Jonathan Chippindale said: “Having been the first to create a high-quality augmented reality application for luxury watch brands Tissot and Tag Heuer, we are excited to be further stretching the boundaries of augmented reality through our work with Boucheron. All our luxury clients are seeing the benefits of this technology and have cleverly integrated it throughout their marketing plans to create awareness, drive traffic on-line, enable footfall for its retail partners and create a fantastic PR opportunity to excite customers’ curiosity.”

Holition’s applications work by placing a virtual 3D object onto a marker item, such as a paper wristband, allowing the user to quickly and easily try on a virtual versions of Boucheron jewellery. The application, which is compatible with both Macs and PCs, is in real time and gives the impression of looking into a mirror.

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