DMJ has taken a large stand at The Jewellery Show for Holler which has been entertaining visitors with an energetic musical playlist throughout the sh

Music-inspired watch brand makes strong launch at The Jewellery Show.

DMJ is presenting new watch brand Holler at The Jewellery Show in Birmingham this week and the watch and jewellery distribution company’s owner Darren McCormick has described the launch as one of his biggest projects to date.

The Holler brand is based on urban black music from the past 50 years and has been set up as a lifestyle brand offering non-watch products such as T-shirts, sunglasses cases, chocolate, iPad covers and headphones, as well as an extensive line of fashion watches in the £49 to £170 price bracket.


The watch brand, which is based in Los Angeles in the US, has been in development for two and a half years and is now ready to launch to the market. DMJ will be handling distribution of the brand in the UK and the rest of Europe, while the brand has been simultaneously launched in the US by another distributor.

The breadth of product that falls under the Holler brand will lead to a new retail strategy for DMJ as the company plans to fragment distribution of products rather than hoping to sell the entire range through a single sector. While the distributor is targeting jewellery retailers for the watch range, it does not expect a major take up by this sector on the additional products and so will take the other accessories to different retailers, such as targeting fashion shops for the line of T-shirts and caps.

McCormick said: “We can sell to everybody, and we are looking for different markets to buy into the different products. We have created a lifestyle brand with a focus on watches and we will allow consumers to decide how they buy into that lifestyle.”

But watches are the main focus of the offer at The Jewellery Show and McCormick explained that while the timepieces are fashion watches, they have been given what he calls a “value added” finish akin to how the luxury watch sector presents its products.

For example, the packaging that the watches is sold with includes an oversized presentation box complete with CD featuring brand information and a registration card encouraging shoppers to register their watch, all of which have been treated with IP plating, to sign up for a guarantee. Likewise the non-watch products in the range have been value added, such as the T-shirts which are sold presented within a sturdy record box, which can be used to store vinyl, which is in turn packaged up inside an over-the-shoulder record bag.

At the heart of the Holler brand is an affiliation with music, which is a personal passion for McCormick who has more than 90,000 records in his own collection. One of the strongest lines in the watch range is called Crazies, a collection of watches featuring cover art from obscure vinyl album covers that McCormick has dug out from his personal collection. This theme is carried on through the T-shirts which are also printed with the art work.

McCormick said that the brand has received positive feedback from retailers and fellow exhibitors at The Jewellery Show in the first two days. The brand will be exhibiting at the show in Birmingham until Thursday.