Holts Academy has been awarded funding by Erasmus+ to take part in a European school exchange and research programme for its teachers.

Holts Academy will run the programme with two other renowned European jewellery schools – Hogeschule Trier University of Applied Sciences in Germany and Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Italy.

The exchange will include conducting joint research, delivering workshops and sharing knowledge on new technologies and skills that risk dying in the trade with a special focus on stone cutting, rendering and technical abilities.


The programme will also include joint exhibitions in Italy and Germany, ending with a final exhibition and publication launch in London in summer 2017.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to share and enhance our teaching methodologies and ensure that our delivery continues to meet changing industry needs,” says Holts Academy chief executive officer Gabriel Gherscovic. “The experience will give our tutors further insights into teaching and learning jewellery skills in Europe and provide us the freedom to reflect and improve our offering to our learners who are the future employees, business owners and contributors to the industry. The research conducted during the programme will prove extremely valuable in our plan and aim to ensure the regeneration of skills that risk dying in the trade.”

Holts are now looking for sponsors to partner them on this project.