A powerful little black book made this director a Business Big Shot.

As we build up to the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2012 in association with The Company of Master Jewellers and supported by gold partner Ti Sento, we indulge in looking backwards to the leading lights of the jewellery industry who made it into the Hot 100 2011. Today is the turn of jewellery industry veteran Paul Dyson whose work as director of promotions at The Goldsmiths Company – not to mention his little black book – made him a CMJ Business Big Shot.

Try and visualise your dream potential customer. It would no doubt be someone rich, with a passion for jewellery and a desire to spend their hard-earned, or not-so-hard-earned, cash on your trinkets.


Should the person exist – and they inevitably do – then they will no doubt have their names etched in Paul Dyson’s little black book.

As director of communications as the Goldsmiths’ Fair, Paul is a man in the know about who to invite to a jewellery selling show, and when he hosts an event he makes sure the right people turn up. When it comes to connecting buyers and sellers of jewellery, he is as influential as they get.

This year Paul stepped outside his comfort zone when he took a selection of Goldsmiths’ Fair jewellers to exhibit at Treasure during London Jewellery Week as part of a new area at the show called the Goldsmiths’ Pavilion.

The move was greeted with praise from both jewellers and buyers, and added a smart new facet to Treasure.

While the year has been full of highlights, Paul describes it as one of his most challenging. “It’s been a year of slogging just to stand still,” he admits.

Despite difficult economic times, Paul and his team have continued to promote designer-makers and have managed to strengthen the promotion of Goldsmiths’ Fair, even with reduced budgets, sometimes meaning that Paul has had to rely on just his charms at times.

“We’ve asked for, cajoled, and made deals to secure every discount possible,” he says. “My team and I are constantly trying to do more with less.”

Next year holds more challenges for this industry stalwart as he prepares to launch Gold: Power and Allure, a new exhibition for 2012.

“It is the biggest and best exhibition we’ve ever mounted, which will showcase the importance of the Goldsmiths’ Company and its central positioning the trade for the last 700 years,” he says.

It sounds like something every discerning jeweller should see, and with his friends in the right places, it promises to be a major milestone for the company.

This interview was taken from the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2011. If you or someone you know has had a great business year and are hot enough to be part of the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2012 then click here for more information about the nomination process.