Hot 100 2013: Alex Goodman & Nicky Morris

Find out what makes the co-founders of Brighton’s Goodman Morris tick.

By Steve Spear

If you haven’t encountered them before it is our absolute pleasure to introduce Alex Goodman and Nicky Morris. Both talented goldsmiths themselves, they are the husband-and-wife team that runs the Goodman Morris shop in Brighton’s historic Lanes.

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While they have launched their own range of commitment bands and engagement rings to wholesale this year, they are in the Hot 100 as Retail Stars because they are renowned curators of a glittering edit of up-and-coming designers. It was one of those designers who nominated them. In barely concealed emotional gushing, they called the pair “incredibly supportive and encouraging, prepared to take a risk on a young designer and the first people to ring when you need advice”. Their incredibly cute store has become a Brighton landmark and currently stocks emerging designers including Hot 100 2013 stars Jana Reinhardt and Deakin & Francis.

Despite being stars of the retail world, the pair are distinctly non-corporate and have managed to nourish a fairly bohemian lifestyle. Nicky swims in the sea about three or four times a week all year, without the aid of a wetsuit, while Alex loves rom coms. They have four kids and drive an old black cab with no passenger seat. They have been in retail for 16 years, consume an average of 40 KitKat fingers per week and between them share 50 years’ combined experience in jewellery.

Nicky says: “We are proud to be in the Hot 100. We are not a flash in the pan, trend-led business, we are a slow burn, in it for the long haul, set up. We’ve spent years doing what we do, quietly honing our style and it feels great to get the recognition of our peers for that.”

And they know each other pretty well now. Nicky says: “Alex is the most straightforward, non-judgmental and honest person that I have known. He is happy to share his knowledge and is very patient. He is an excellent goldsmith, skilled, innovative and with great attention to detail. His pieces have a beautiful sense of proportion and a quiet elegance. Also he’s quite often up for a little risk taking, with a let’s-give-it-a-go attitude, something that I feel is very important.”

Meanwhile, Alex says: “Nicky is very creative. She has strong ideas about how things should look both in the workshop and generally within the business, our Goodman Morris identity and the style of our shop, displays, etcetera, are very much influenced by Nicky. She is also unbelievably good at communicating with customers, staff and business contacts. She is warm, friendly and genuinely interested in the people she meets through Goodman Morris. Worst things include time keeping and losing petty cash receipts, but that’s it, honestly.”


Alex Goodman and Nicky Morris were selected as IJL Retail Stars in the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2013 in association with The Company of Master Jewellers. To read a digital version of the book in full online, click here.





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