The trendsetting team at Gecko shaping the companies’ core brands.

By Steve Spear

Vicky Leyshon and Hannah Trickett are clearly a tightly bonded design team. They have both worked at Gecko for more than a decade and have been instrumental in shaping the companies’ core brands, working tightly together, operating as each other’s ideas wall and support mechanism and in the process shaping the jewellery ranges that sell to more than 2,500 retailers.


They tackle projects together but Hannah is ultimately responsible for Fred Bennett, Elements Gold and Fiorelli Silver, while Vicky is known as the costume guru with responsibility for D for Diamond, Elements Silver and Fiorelli Costume, which has grown year on year in both multiples and independents.

Both understand that the consumers’ needs are paramount. Vicky says: “We are careful to reference the trends and what’s happening on the catwalks but we don’t want to terrify the independents, or of course their customers. We keep it commercial.”

Despite the co-heads of designs’ 10-year tenure at the brand house it has nonetheless been a bit like year one for Vicky and Hannah following the company’s acquisition by WB The Creative Jewellery Group. Vicky says the move has started to feed more financial backing into the brands. “It’s been busier than ever, more hectic and more exciting, and it will help us to market the brands with a bit more oomph, which should make them better known at consumer level, which in turn should aid sales." Eventually, she says, there will be campaigns, noting that Hannah had already had some fun in that department this season with a model shoot for men’s brand Fred Bennett, something Gecko hasn’t done for a long time. Now Fred Bennett, Fiorelli and D for Diamonds will each have a dedicated website built.

It really sounds like a case of onward and upward under the guidance of WB and the key message is more support for stockists. Hannah and Vicky will continue to thrive on the design side, both hailing from a creative background. Hannah coming from Sir John Cass university and straight into the business, while Vicky worked through Derby and then Birmingham University before embarking on jobs at M&S and Accurist before landing at Gecko.

Vicky says Hannah is the slightly wilder one. “She’s got two kids so it’s a bit of a balancing act now, but she’s often going off to Brighton for the weekend. I get very jealous.” She needn’t. Every year Vicky books up a host of affordable tickets to Greece to visit her family four or five times. But for both, their most exciting travel comes on research and buying trips, including a first trip to Korea earlier this year, which supplied plenty of inspiration for “brilliantly cutesy” packaging.

This Hot 100 Tresor Paris Trendsetter profile was taken from the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2013 book. To read the digital book in full, click here.