Creating jewellery marketplace JewelStreet to cater for all tastes.

Now with more than 100 up-and-coming and established designers on the site, JewelStreet has quickly ballooned to an impressive scale.

The triumvirate behind it are a uniquely skilled trio. Rob Passmore has worked at ad agencies and social enterprises adding multi-million-pound boosts to the bottom line everywhere he has worked; Andy Jones is a heavyweight IT architect with a blue chip résumé and Mike Taylor is a jewellery designer, retailer and wholesaler. Mike, whose shop is in Surrey, was the last jeweller to be trained by Queen’s jeweller Gerald Benney.


Mike says: “Being a jeweller myself I know the years of training it takes to produce exceptional pieces. I found it frustrating that there were so many lower cost, imported substandard items available online. I also noticed that most online jewellery retailers hugely filtered the designers and collections available.”

So the idea of a marketplace for jewellery took hold, and JewelStreet was born. The site holds no stock and is a pure service, simply taking designers to the market via its shop window and impressive 360 degree imaging. Rob says their research shows that consumers love the idea of buying direct from the maker (he has the diagrams to prove it) and by increasing consumers’ choice – a key point of difference from the earlier heavily edited versions of jewellery etail – gives them the power to vote with their wallets.

Rob says: “Some people want to buy local, say within 30 miles, others want ethically sourced pieces; our aim is to cater to all of these unique needs. Our long-term goal is to have over 1,500 designers, both established and emerging but all of which have passed our stringent quality accreditation.”

For this service JewelStreet takes a healthy 20% commission on each sale, which leaves the jeweller in receipt of 80% – clearly an improvement on a wholesale cost price. Rob says: “Our vision for jewellery is to give consumers all over the world direct access to the broadest range of quality jewellery available globally directly from the designer or jewellery brand. For once, everybody wins.

Rob Passmore, Mike Taylor & Andy Jones of JewelStreet were selected as Bering Trailblazers in the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2013 in association with the Company of Master Jewellers. To read a digital version of the Hot 100 book online, click here.