Maia Adams and Juliet Hutton-Squire were named Trailblazers in Professional Jeweller's Hot 100 2014 (

Meet the co-directors of market intelligence agency Adorn Insight.

We know Nike said it first but ‘Just Do It’ has served us well,” admits Maia Adams, who worked for a portfolio of lifestyle brands before launching Adorn Insight with her business partner Juliet Hutton-Squire, founder of consumer jewellery blog Adorn London.

As a jewellery market intelligence agency, Adorn Insight peers into its crystal ball to discern the future trends that will shape designer jewellery.


But even Maia and Juliet couldn’t predict the phenomenal success of their enterprise, which has tripled in size in the past 12 months alone.

“This year we’ve developed a three-tier membership structure, including an Elite level which incorporates bespoke consultancy for key members,” explains Juliet. Now, the pair is solidifying its new markets – specifically China and the US – in a major way.

“Sitting across the table from one of the directors of China’s leading retail jewellers during our first-ever meeting in China was a stand-out moment for us,” reveals Juliet. “We showed him the site and he signed up there and then. We expected China to test us so, after the surprise passed, we felt 100 feet tall.”

Priding themselves on being “flexible, discerning and very fast learners”, Maia and Juliet see 2014 as a transformative year and one that has pushed them into a new stratosphere of success.

Maia continues: “We worked extremely hard, implementing new systems, and adapting to the specific requirements of members and territories as we won them. Meeting demand for our services and scaling the business accordingly has also been a very welcome challenge.”

If ‘divide and conquer’ can be considered an approach to business, Maia and Juliet have it down to a fine art. While Maia focuses on her role as director of content, Juliet focuses on strategy; both ladies sticking to their strengths and supporting this by commissioning experts in fields ranging from social media and web development to coloured gemstones.

As one would expect from a forward-thinking intelligence agency, Maia and Juliet have already started mapping out their ideal future – with the next 12 months honed on developing markets in the UAE and India. Although predicting the future of the industry is an uncertain game, Maia and Juliet continue to take on the challenge regardless with outstanding results.

Maia Adams and Juliet Hutton-Squire were named Trailblazers in the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2014, in association with headline sponsor Pandora and principle partner The Company of Master Jewellers.

To read a digital version of the Hot 100 2014 book in full online, click here.


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