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Hot 100 2015 BUSINESS BIG SHOTS: Lucy Streatfeild Smith

Lucy Streatfeild Smith, jewellery buyer, Fortnum & Mason.

There have been big changes at London’s quintessentially British department store in the last 12 months, including the launch of its debut range of private label jewellery.

The Charms of Fortnum’s range was a “new and exciting experience” for jewellery buyer Lucy, who injected her creative passion into a project that “demanded the highest level of quality and integrity of design”.

The collection was instantly popular with Fortnum’s customers, becoming one of its bestselling ranges in the run-up to Christmas 2014. “We have now decided to extend the collection, adding two new charms which will be available this coming Christmas,” Lucy reveals.

Fortnum & Mason is always searching for up-and-coming British talent. The store currently stocks four Rock Vault designers (an initiative by the British Fashion Council to promote new British designers) and plans to take on two more this season. “The Jewellery Room is going from strength to strength and I hope that its success will continue,” Lucy says. “I hope that we will attract more new customers as well as remain a fun and interesting place for our returning customers, knowing that there will always be something new but that quality and craftsmanship is always at the heart of what we do.”

Lucy chose to have her picture taken in Fortnum & Mason’s Parlour restaurant, joking that the ice cream props she used made her a popular colleague on the day of her shoot. Despite these treats, Lucy admits she is on a “gym kick” that includes boot camp sessions. She adds: “Spending time with my family is by far my favourite thing to do. We have a love of card and board games and will happily stay up until the early hours; it’s all pretty competitive (and often very loud).”


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