Moyra Race, UK category manager fashion and luxury, World Duty Free Group.

Stansted Airport was the star in Moyra Race’s sky last year, thanks to the “biggest and brightest luxury area” turning departures into a haven for sunglasses, jewellery, watches and more.

She explains: “For the department we were really able to portray brands with their full personalities and offer customers a credible range to choose from.” As a result of her efforts, Moyra can now boast a more authoritative and streamlined space that “puts more effort into key brands and supporting key lines within those brands without increasing stock holdings”.

Of course, all of this effort is worth nothing if the customer service is lacking, so Moyra and her team put countless hours into “ensuring the customer receives first class experiences in our stores”. She continues: “We have engaged with suppliers and retail ops teams to improve staff training and knowledge and we ran a very successful roadshow event earlier this year, which was very beneficial.”


Moyra is a firm believer in the power of a great work-life balance, even if the pressures of a daily commute and tight deadlines get in the way. “You have to love and be passionate about what you do. I wouldn’t have done this most of my life if I didn’t enjoy it. The day I do not get a buzz from new products and concepts is the day to move on, but I don’t see that happening soon.”

Gardening, cycling, amateur dramatics and the odd splash of wine tasting help Moyra unwind from the Duty Free universe. In fact, her first job was in Sainsbury’s liquor department resulting in a whole host of wine qualifications. She jokes: “I have never lost my passion for wine and I especially support the continual improvement of English wines. Therefore the local vineyard was a natural choice for my Hot 100 picture… and the bubbly was an added incentive.”