Naomi Newton-Sherlock, director, Weston Beamor, creative director, Domino Jewellery, WB the Creative Jewellery Group.

Having proven herself to be a skilled creative director and head of national accounts at Domino Jewellery, Naomi took up the mantle of director at sister-company Weston Beamor earlier this year.

“I now have three very different work hats to wear,” she says. “As someone who has a positive dislike of sitting still, I’m happy that my new challenge is keeping me busy. The addition of this new responsibility has strengthened my influence across the business as a whole, and sees me involved in wide-reaching areas of both Weston Beamor and Domino.”

Naomi was tasked with increasing Weston Beamor’s turnover and profitability while also boosting awareness of its 3D printing, CAD and casting capabilities. She explains: “My appointment to director means WB now has a strong voice and passionate advocate to drive forward some of the necessary changes both on the ground and at board level to make this happen.”


2015 has seen a significant number of new materials, products and processes being tested and trialled at Weston Beamor, and Naomi hopes to see the results of some of these being brought to market in 2016. “While unable to divulge all the details at the moment, I can confirm that there are some exciting developments underway both for Weston Beamor and Domino,” she says. 2015 has also seen all three businesses under the WB The Creative Jewellery Group umbrella achieve Responsible Jewellery Council certification — an accolade that has certainly put a smile on Naomi’s face.

When she’s not working Naomi is looking after her daughter and eagerly awaiting the birth of her second child. She adds: “I am bracing myself for a new level of fun and adventure in the months ahead. Juggling a very full-time and demanding role together with the day to day logistics of family life has certainly honed my multi-tasking skills to a whole new level.”