Victoria McKay, chief operating officer, London Diamond Bourse.

It has been a dramatic year for Hatton Garden’s London Diamond Bourse as it was caught up in the fallout from one of Britain’s biggest jewellery heists.

Fortunately, chief operating officer Victoria McKay is the type to take charge, crack on and make the best of a bad situation. She did this admirably offering a pillar of support for affected businesses and individuals looking for someone to turn to.

Her achievements for the London Diamond Bourse have been even more significant, resulting in Bonded Warehouse Status. She says: “It took almost two years from start to finish and despite initial knockbacks, I was determined I wouldn’t take no for an answer — I even ended up getting support from an MP and the London Mayor’s Office to make it happen. Subsequently, the scheme we have in place is particularly unique and I understand that no other scheme of its kind exists for a membership organisation in our industry.”


Since joining LDB, Victoria has been tasked with making its trading floor the home of diamonds in the UK, and she remains determined to make London a “hugely successful diamond centre again”. She continues: “Membership is growing very fast and this is somewhat down to how we have changed. The Bourse was for a long time considered a closed door organisation and when I started I couldn’t believe we weren’t showcasing how great the organisation is and how our traditions still have a place in the market.”

Outside of work, Victoria enjoys spending time with friends and family, great food, dancing and cocktails — hence her mixology-themed shoot. She’s also admits to being “a bit of a geek” and is desperately looking forward to the new Star Wars installment due in cinemas later this year. We’ll see you at the pictures!