Rosie May Hofman, designer-maker and owner, Rosie May Hofman

Country girl at heart Rosie May has set her sights on conquering London as she moves forward in her business and develops her brand.

In the last 12 months, Rosie May has secured her first studio in the city, sold her jewels in Hot 100 2014 Retail Star Rachel Entwistle’s Shoreditch boutique and bagged herself a spot in 2015’s KickStart line-up at International Jewellery London.

Rosie May says: “I knew that moving to London was what I needed to take my business to the next level and get the experiences, so I made the jump even though it wasn’t financially viable at the time.


“I have started to tap into the high end markets in London which are working well for me, giving me a good idea of how my work goes down in London. So I am excited to see what London has to offer me as I’m still discovering it.

“Through experience, an increasing understanding of my customer and a strong profile I will find my place in London and begin to thrive on this as I build my business. I want to focus on direct sales this year as it is important to me to engage with my customer and see who buys my work.”

Being self employed and building not only a business, but a brand, can be an all consuming career path to take, but Rosie May stays determined to find time to socialise with friends and cycle round London, taking in the exciting new city she’s tackling head-on.