HOT 100 2015 NEXGEMS: Tom Blake

Tom Blake

For Tom Blake, director of Keep Me Jewellery, his greatest success in the 12 months up to the end of 2015 was supplying his charming Keep Me animals to 10 shops over the Christmas period.

“It was a huge challenge but we did it,” he explains. “Then seeing our jewellery in shop windows was incredible and then knowing that people were receiving our jewellery on Christmas day — that was a very special feeling.”

Outside of work Tom is crazy about ice hockey and plays twice a week. “It’s such an incredible sport. It has the perfect balance of power and grace,” he remarks.

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Now Tom is working hard to get his Keep Me jewellery concept licensed, something that has always been an aim for the brand. Talking about his unique concept, Tom says: “It’s been hard work so far and none of it would be happening without the support of my girlfriend, Cheryl. We are very open and realistic about everything so things never get out of hand. We can put it down when we need to.”


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